Step By Step Makeup Tutorial – Mermaid Halloween Makeup

October 18, 2018

ben-nye coloured-raine cruelty-free halloween mermaid pictorial tutorial

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

I love doing mermaid halloween looks because they are so easy but effective. This time I wanted to play around with special effects makeup to make it more fun. I was recently watching a lot of Mykies videos (Glam and Gore on youtube) and decided to try to create fake wounds. So here we are. Read on if you want to kow how I created this look.

Products I used for this Mermaid Halloween Makeup:

  • Base makeup (primer, foundation + concealer)
  • Coloured Raine eyeshadows in Party Drip, Cute, Purp Smurf, Drip Drop, Yacht Life
  • Essence I love extreme volume mascara waterproof
  • Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax (in Fair)
  • Ben Nye Thick Blood
  • Duo Brush-on Adhesive with vitamins (to glue on the shells)
  • Net fabric
  • Shells

Step By Step Makeup Pictorial:

Mermaid Halloween Makeup Step 1 + 2

Mermaid Halloween Makeup Step 1 + 2


After applying my face primer I start working with the Nose & Scar Wax. I take a little bit of the wax, roll it into a little sausage and stick it to my skin (one on my cheek and two on my forehead). Then I blend the edges with my finger into my skin (which wasn’t that easy because it kept sticking to my fingers).
Then I apply my foundation and concealer and set my whole face with powder.


To create the scale-effect I use net fabric. I cut open a net sock and place it on the areas of my skin I want to create the scales (forehead, cheek, nose and neck). Then with a brush I start pressing eyeshadow (blue, purple and pink) on top of the net fabric.


Mermaid Halloween Makeup Step 3 + 4

Mermaid Halloween Makeup Step 3 + 4


After that I use some of the pink and puple eyeshadows to fill in my eyebrows and fluff them up a little (in the front).
For the eyes I start by applying the pink shade in my crease and all over my eyelid (but keeping it mostly towards the outer corner). Then I use the dark purple eyeshadow to create an eyeliner. To make it softer I blend it into the pink.
On the lower lashline I put the dark purple close to my lashline and blend it out with the pink eyeshadow.


Then I use some of the blue eyeshadow to draw the teeth around the mouth and fill them in.
After that I take a small spatula to cut open the scar wax.


Mermaid Halloween Makeup Step 5 + 6

Mermaid Halloween Makeup Step 5 + 6


Because I don’t like the look of just the scales on my nose I decide to take the blue eyeshadow and draw a skull-shaped nose.
Afterwards I take the fake blood on a small brush and place it into the cut of the scar wax and smear it around the fake wound.
Also I take the blood and put it around my mouth.
Then I use two sea shells and glue them next to the fake wound with the Duo lash glue.


Lastly I apply Mascara and I’m done.

Finished Look:

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Hope you enjoyed this Mermaid Halloween makeup look!






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