Aether Beauty Summer Solstice Palette

Aether Beauty Summer Solstice Palette Review

August 7, 2019

aether-beauty clean-makeup cruelty-free eyeshadow review sustainable swatches vegan

When I saw that Aether Beauty was coming out with the Summer Solstice palette I immediately fell in love with it! But I thought: Do I really need another warm-toned eyeshadow palette?! Luckily Aether Beauty contacted me and asked if the could send me the palette. So now I tried it for some weeks and thought I’d share my thoughts on it. Of course my opinions are honest even though this palette was sent to me for free.

Beautybay EYN Bright 16 Colour Palette

Beautybay EYN Bright 16 Colour Palette Review

July 22, 2019

affordable colourful cruelty-free eyeshadow review swatches vegan

As some of you might know Beautybay is one of my favorite onlineshops to buy makeup. It’s fast, they sell a lot of amazing brands and I had great customer service expericence so far. When I saw that Beautybay created their own makeup line I was a little sceptical. But I really liked the look of their EYN Bright 16 Colour palette so I thought I’ll try it especially because it’s so affordable. So what are my thoughts? Here we go:

Essence melted chrome eyeshadow review

Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadow Review

November 16, 2018

affordable cruelty-free drugstore essence eyeshadow review swatches

When I was recently exploring my local drugstore I came across the Essence melted chrome eyeshadows. They looked so pretty and metallic so I picked up one shade (“copper me”).
But then Essence very kindly send over all of the shades which I’m very thankful for. Of course I’ll still be honest with you what I think about these eyeshadows.
If you’re interested in my opinion then here we go…

Coloured Raine single eyeshadows: Golden Olive, Blue Magic, Downtown, Shortcake, Super Star, Glam, St. Germain Cocktail, Glisten, Clutch Pearls, Black Moon, Chocolate, Moments, Native, Gingerbread, Angel Face

Coloured Raine Single Eyeshadow Review

August 2, 2018

affordable cruelty-free eyeshadow eyeshadows review swatches

While I was on the hunt for a good black eyeshadow I came accross the brand Coloured Raine.
Once I did some research on the brand I got really excited to try some of their products and purchased some eyeshadows… and more eyeshadows… and more eyeshadows.
I already did a review on their Queen Of Hearts palette so now I really want to share my opinion on the single eyeshadows as well.

Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows

Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow Review

April 16, 2018

cruelty-free eyeshadow eyeshadows review sugarpill swatches

Whenerver I think of colorful eyeshadows I directly think of Sugarpill. Sugarpill is very well known for their amazing bright eyeshadows. That is why I wanted to try them and that’s how my obsession started. Some of the shades I own for over a year now so I thought I’d write a review about them.

Favorite Makeup Brush and Tool Cleanser: Sigma Beauty SigMagic Brushampoo, Beauty Blender blendercleanser solid, Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleanser

How To Clean Your Makeup Tools/Brushes – My Favorite Brush Cleansers

March 8, 2018

beauty-blender brush-cleanser brushes cinema-secrets cruelty-free favorites makeup-tools sigma-beauty

Probably one of the most annoying part about makeup is cleaning your makeup tools/ brushes. But it is so important! Access makeup, oil, dirt, bacteria – that will all stay in your makeup tools if you don’t clean them from time to time. What are my favorite brush/ makeup tool cleansers? Read on to find out.

Coloured Raine Queen Of Hearts eyeshadow palette review and swatches

Coloured Raine Queen Of Hearts Palette Review

January 11, 2018

coloured-raine cruelty-free eyeshadow high-end palette queen-of-hearts review swatches

Do you think you can ever have enough warm toned eyeshadow palettes?! Apparently I don’t think so. I LOVE warm tones and because I love Coloured Raine single eyeshadows I thought I might love their Queen Of Hearts eyeshadow palette, too. How do I like it? Here are my thoughts.

Makeup Geek Single Eyeshadows: foiled, shimmer, matte, duochrome eyeshadows,

Makeup Geek Single Eyeshadows Review

November 25, 2017

affordable cruelty-free eyeshadows makeup-geek review swatches

Do you remember the time everyone used and loved Makeup Geek eyeshadows? I definitely got really hyped, too and tried them out for myself. But now not a lot of people talk about them anymore. So are they good? Or not? Read on to find out about my opinion.

Favorite Eye Makeup Brushes

My Favorite Eye Makeup Brushes

October 5, 2017

beauty-tools brushes cruelty-free eye-brushes favorites makeup-brushes makeup-tools

Eyeshadow is probably my favorite step in applying makeup. Having good eyeshadows is important to get a nice look but even more important are the brushes you use. If you have the right brushes you can almost make every eyeshadow look amazing.
Eyeshadow brushes – or makeup brushes in general – don’t have to be expensive. There are also a lot of affordable brands that make amazing brushes.

Which eye makeup brushes do I recommend? Read on to find out.

My Favorite Face Brushes

My Favorite Face Makeup Brushes

September 13, 2017

beauty-sponge beauty-tools brushes cruelty-free face-brushes favorites makeup-brushes makeup-tools

Makeup brushes – something I feel like you can never have enough of! I know you don’t need that many brushes… but I just LOVE to try new brushes and new brands! Good brushes don’t have to be expensive. Most of the ones I love and use everyday are actually more on the affordable side. Which brushes do I like? Read on to find out about my favorite face brushes.

Review Juvias_Place Saharan Palette

Juvia’s Place Saharan Palette Review

August 5, 2017

affordable cruelty-free eyeshadow juvias-place review swatches

More and more people rave about Juvia’s Place eyeshadows. The brand itself doesn’t ship to Germany but Beautybay has their products on its online shop now. So I definitely needed to give these eyeshadows a shot!

My Life Palette - My favorite eyeshadows in one zpalette

My Life Palette – My favorite eyeshadows

July 26, 2017

anastasia-beverly-hills coastal-scents cruelty-free eyeshadow favorites makeup makeup-geek review swatches

Over the years I bought so many eyeshadows that I needed to organize them. So I decided to put some of my favorite eyeshadows in one palette that I would use daily.

Revitalash advanced eyelash conditioner

Review of Revitalash advanced conditioner

July 5, 2017

cruelty-free eyelash-conditioner eyelashes review revitalash

I always thought that lash serums/conditioner are kind of gimmicky and never thought that they actually work. But I heard so many good things about them and saw so many amazing results that I wanted to try it out myself. I decided to try out Revitalash advanced condtioner.