VISEART 02 Minx Theory Palette Review

September 27, 2017

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Viseart 02 Minx Theory Palette

The eyeshadows by Viseart are said to be one of the best on the market. But since I wanted to make up my own mind about that I decided to buy the 02 Minx Theory palette. The colors are so beautiful but is the quality really that good?


Viseart 02 Minx Theory Palette

First of all what I really enjoy about the palette is that you can remove the eyeshadow pans. So you can put these eyeshadows in any magnetic palette if you want to. I love that because I created one palette that has all of my favorite eyeshadow pans that I use almost every single day. So I could put these eyeshadows in there, too.

If you are interested which of my favorite eyeshadows I have in my custom made palette click here.


  • The palette retails for 45.00 $ ( 45.00 $ ( or 41.70 € (
  • It contains 6 eyeshadows (3 shimmers, 3 mattes)
  • Net Wt. 21 g/ 0.78 oz (6 x 3.5 g/ 6x 0.13 oz )
  • So all in all you pay about 2.14 $ per gram or 57.69 $ per ounce


Swatches of the matte eyeshadows of the Viseart 02 Minx Theory palette

Swatches of the matte eyeshadows of the Viseart 02 Minx Theory palette

Swatches of the shimmer eyeshadows of the Viseart 02 Minx Theory palette

Swatches of the shimmer eyeshadows of the Viseart 02 Minx Theory palette


The matte eyeshadows feel a little dry when doing finger swatches. But once you use them on your eyes with a brush they are very nice. They have great pigmentation and still are easy to use. They are very easy to blend without losing too much of the color. These eyeshadows have a little bit of fall out but nothing crazy.

The shimmer eyeshadows feel very creamy but sadly they need a little more work. The pigmentation is not that great when applying them with a brush. You can build them up but you will get a crazy amount of fall out. When applying them with a finger you will definitely get a better result but you still need to build the color up if you want it to be opaque. Also if you try to blend these eyeshadows you will almost blend everything away.

The only way I think these shimmer eyeshadows work is using them wet. I always pick some eyeshadow up on my brush and then I spray it with a little bit of setting spray (or water) and then I press it on my lid. This way you will get good pigmentation and it will stay there even if you blend over it.

I know that the shimmer eyeshadows are designed to be more of a soft shimmer on the eyes. But even to get that effect there has to be more pigmentation in my opinion.


  • Matte shades are beautiful: good pigmentation, easy to blend


  • Price
  • Shimmer shades lack in pigmentation


To be honest for 45$ I expected better quality eyeshadows. The matte eyeshadows are beautiful but the shimmers are just not that great. Even if you like more soft shimmer eyeshadows I don’t think you would like these ones.

All in all I like the mattes and I can make the shimmers work (when applying them wet). So it is not a bad product. But for that price I wouldn’t recommend this palette.

However because I really like the mattes I probably will look into some all matte palettes from Viseart because I think I would enjoy them.


(Prices of eyeshadow palettes compared to each other)

BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette 14.50 $ 0.42 $ per gram/ 11.76$ per ounce
BH Cosmetics 28 Foil Eyes Palette 12.00 $ 0.45 $ per gram/ 12.66 $ per ounce
Morphe Brushes 35 Eyeshadow Palette (35OS, 35OM) 22.99 $ 0.41 $ per gram/ 11.61 $ per ounce
Morphe x Jaclyn Hill 35 Eyeshadow Palette 38.00 $ 0.68 $ per gram/ 19.19 $ per ounce
Morphe Brushes 12NB Palette 14.99 $ 0.78 $ per gram/ 22.37 $ per ounce
Juvia’s Place The Saharan Palette 30.00 $ 1.67 $ per gram/ 47.62 $ per ounce
Viseart Theory Palette 45.00 $ 2.14 $ per gram/ 57.69 $ per ounce
Tarte tartelette in bloom clay palette 46.00 $ 2.56 $ per gram/ 72.33 $ per ounce
Kat von D Shade + Light Eye Contour palette 48.00 $ 2.82 $ per gram/ 80.00 $ per ounce
Coloured Raine Queen Of Hearts Palette 50.00 $ 3.09 $ per gram/ 87.5 $ per ounce
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette 49.00 $ 3.09 $ per gram/ 87.5 $ per ounce
Natasha Denona 28 Eyeshadow Palette 239.00 $ 3.41 $ per gram/ 95.60 $ per ounce
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette 54.00 $ 3.46 $ per gram/ 98.18 $ per ounce
Natasha Denona 5 Eyeshadow Palette 48.00 $ 3.84 $ per gram/ 120.00 $ per ounce
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette 42.00 $ 5.29 $ per gram/ 150.00 $ per ounce


Natural eye makeup using the Viseart 02 Minx Theory Palette

Natural eye makeup using the Viseart 02 Minx Theory Palette






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