Review of Revitalash advanced conditioner

July 5, 2017

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Revitalash advanced eyelash conditioner review

I always thought that lash serums/conditioner are kind of gimmicky and never thought that they actually work. But I heard so many good things about them and saw so many amazing results that I wanted to try it out myself. I decided to try out Revitalash advanced condtioner.

Product information:

  • It retails for 150.00 $ (3,5ml on or 129.00 € (3,5ml on I got mine on for 76.68€ a while ago (be carefeul where you buy it – there are a lot of fakes around).
  • “Our #1 selling , award-winning formula. Enhances lashes and protects against breakage while improving flexibility & shine for more dramatic lashes.“
  • “Concentrated Formula. One-Stroke Application.”
  • “Curl Effect® helps naturally lift and curl the eyelashes.”
  • “Proprietary blend of scientifically-advanced technologyand natural botanicals join in concert to protect against breakage and brittleness. Improve flexibility, moisture, and shine for more dramatic-looking eyelashes.”
  • “Daily useprovides immediate conditioning benefits, leading to healthier-looking, more luxurious lashes.”
  • Hypoallergenic, Non-irritating, Dermatologist Reviewed, Ophthalmologist Reviewed, Clinically Tested, Not Tested on Animals

If you stop using this product you lashes will go back to their normal stage. That on the one hand is sad because that means you always have to use and purchase it. But on the other hand it is nice that it doesn’t cause any damage. (I personally never stopped using it so I cannot tell what happens. But I read a lot of reviews of people that experienced that.)

Revitalash advanced eyelash conditioner review

Revitalash advanced eyelash conditioner applicator

Revitalash advanced eyelash conditioner applicator

How I use Revitalash advanced conditioner:

I started using the eyelash conditioner in the beginning of October 2016. I apply it every night on my clean and oil free lash line (like an eyeliner). It takes some time to grow so you don’t notice a difference right away. But after about 1 ½ month people asked me if I do anything to my lashes and I also noticed that my lashes really grew longer.

Online they tell you the 3.5 ml tube will last you around 4 – 6 months. I have my Revitalash conditioner (with 3.5 ml) for around 9 months. I don’t know how much product is still in there but it definitely lasts you longer than they tell you.

Before and after pictures (time difference: 8 months):

Revitalash advanced eyelash conditioner before and after

Before and after of Revitalash advanced eyelash conditioner

Revitalash advanced eyelash conditioner before and after

Before and after of Revitalash advanced eyelash conditioner


  • Easy to use
  • It actually made my lashes grow longer


  • Price
  • You have to apply it daily
  • If you stop using it your lashes will go back to their normal stage

Final thoughts:

I LOVE IT!! I love the result it gives me! My lashes didn’t get thicker and the product didn’t make my lashes more lifted and curled BUT my lashes really grew a lot longer.

And I love that these are your natural lashes! No eyelash extensions or anything.

I really like it because it just makes your lashes stronger so your lashes don’t break or fall off that easily. That’s why you get longer and thicker lashes.

It is an expensive product but I definitely will repurchase it!

Before and after with makeup:

Revitalash advanced eyelash conditioner before and after

Before and after of Revitalash advanced eyelash conditioner






Natasha says July 29th, 201710.22 AM GMT+0000

Wow! I need to try that out too!!
What an amazing result.

Anniquina says July 29th, 201712.41 PM GMT+0000

Thank you! Yes it really is amazing!

Anastasia says March 16th, 201803.18 PM GMT+0000

Amazing result! I was wondering if it would be okay to use your before and after picture in a video I’m making about lash conditioners? Of course you would be credited in the description. The video will be uploaded on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Best Regards

Anniquina says March 16th, 201809.21 PM GMT+0000

Thank you so much!
Yes sure, you can use my pictures if you give credit. Thank you for asking me 🙂

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