Prima Makeup Pressed Glitter Review

July 12, 2017

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Prima Makeup Pressed Glitter Review

I don’t use glitter that much because it can be really messy. But recently I discovered Prima Makeup on instagram and that they sell pressed glitters. So I thought I definitely have to try them.

Product information:

  • Each glitter retails for 3.75 £ or 4.20€ (
  • Total weight: 3 g/ 0.10 oz (Pan size: 26mm)
  • Claims: Multi Tonal, Fragrance Free, Beautiful High Pigmentation, Long lasting and applied to the skin easily
  • Cruelty Free (The brand claims to be cruelty free BUT they sell Mink Lashes! So are they really cruelty free?!)
  • So all in all you pay about 1.25 £ (1.40 €) per gram or 37.50 £ (42.00 €) per ounce
  • It can be used on eyes and lips (or anywhere on the skin)

Swatches of the Prima Makeup pressed glitters:

Swatches Prima Makeup Pressed Glitter

Prima Makeup Pressed Glitters Swatches in “Baby Light My Fire”, “Liquid Gold”, “Mermaid Tails”, “Your Turning Violet, Violet!”, “Pink To Make The Boys Wink”, “Out of The Blue”


They claim to work without a glitter glue and that is definitely true. The pressed glitters have a gel-like consistency and that is probably why they stick on their own. I think the best way to use them is with your fingertips because a brush can’t really pick up the gel-like consistency (only if you scoop out some product).

Once applied to the eyelid it will not move. The only thing is that they feel kind of wet and cooling. But they stay on really well. Only if they get wet they will move and come off. So if you have watery eyes I would be careful where to apply the glitter. And you have to make sure you use a good eye primer if you have oily eyelids.

Also I didn’t notice any fall out throughout the day.

I tried the glitter once with a glitter glue underneath and it didn’t make any difference in how it applies, wears or lasts.

I used the glitters once on my lips, too.  It is not as easy to get a precise application on the lips but it looks amazing once it’s on. It won’t last that well on the lips (when eating, drinking, …) but it looks pretty cool.


  • Affordable
  • Stays on really well (only moves when it becomes wet)
  • Amazing colors
  • Easy to apply and use on the eyes (with finger)


  • Will move/come off when it becomes wet (rain, tears, oily eyelids, …)
  • Not easy to get a precise application on the lips
  • Won’t last long on the lips (when eating, drinking, …)

Final thoughts of the Prima Makeup glitters:

I really like these pressed glitters! They are affordable and work pretty well.

But I have quite watery eyes and that made the glitter move nearly everytime I used one of them. But you can touch it up really well. But I probably wouldn’t use these glitters on a wedding or any special event because of the lasting power.

On the lips I would only use them for a photo or something like that because – again – of the lasting power.

In general the glitters are very easy to work with. And the color range is really nice.

All in all I do recommend them if you are on the hunt for glitters that are easy to work with. But keep in mind that the staying power is not the best.

Price comparison table

(Prices of pressed glitters compared to each other)

Immensus Cosmetics Pressed Glitter 3.45 £ 1.15 £ per gram/ 34.50 £ per ounce
Prima Makeup Pressed Glitters 3.75 £ 1.25 £ per gram/ 37.50 £ per ounce
OPV Beauty Pressed Glitter 7.99 £ 2.00 £ per gram/ 57.07 £ per ounce

Picture where I used these glitters:

Products used: Prima Makeup Pressed Glitter in Pink To Make The Boys Wink, Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows in Diamond Eyes, Dollipop, 2AM, Bulletproof

Products used: Prima Makeup Pressed Glitter in ‘Pink To Make The Boys Wink’ (other products: Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows in Diamond Eyes, Dollipop, 2AM, Bulletproof)






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