Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadow Review

November 16, 2018

affordable cruelty-free drugstore essence eyeshadow review swatches

Essence melted chrome eyeshadow review

Essence melted chrome eyeshadow review

When I was recently exploring my local drugstore I came across the Essence melted chrome eyeshadows. They looked so pretty and metallic so I picked up one shade (“copper me”).
But then Essence very kindly send over all of the shades which I’m very thankful for. Of course I’ll still be honest with you what I think about these eyeshadows.
If you’re interested in my opinion then here we go:


  • Each Essence melted chrome eyeshadow retails for 2.99 € ( (I’m not sure in which countries they are available because I couldn’t find a shop where I could see the $ USD price. But 2.99 € is around ~ 3,42 $)
  • Look like liquid metal
  • Net weight 2.0 g / 0.07 oz.
  • So you pay around 1.5 € per gram/ 42.71 € per ounce (~ 1.71 $ per gram/ ~ 48.86 per ounce)


Essence melted chrome eyeshadow swatches (zinc about you, ironic, steel the look, lead me, platinum nights, copper me)

Essence melted chrome eyeshadow swatches (zinc about you, ironic, steel the look, lead me, platinum nights, copper me)

(Normally I do the swatches with my finger, but with these  I used a brush because that works a lot better.)


The formula is very different to other Essence eyeshadows. These melted chrome eyeshadows have a more bouncy texture. They aren’t really powdery – they feel more like a cream.

Because of that texture I think that the best way to apply them is with a brush. Normally I like to apply shimmery/metallic eyeshadows with my finger to get more intensity. But these eyeshadows don’t really work with your finger. It looks like when you use your finger you will just press the eyeshadow in the pan. You might get some product on your finger but it won’t really apply to the eyes well. But I like to use a brush and kind of dig in the eyeshadow a little. That works great for me.

These eyeshadows really are super metallic. They also are slightly glittery. When you use a brush they are super easy to apply and to work with.

Because of the creamy bouncy texture I wasn’t sure if these eyeshadows will last well. As a base I just used my normal concealer and they stayed on perfectly.


  • Affordable price
  • Very creamy
  • Very pigmented (when applied with a brush)


  • Only really work when applied with a brush (which I don’t mind at all)


So what is my opinion? In short: I LOVE the Essence melted chrome eyeshadows!
If Essence wouldn’t have sent me the eyeshadows I definitely would have picked them all up myself.
They are super affordable but crazy metallic. And I live for a metallic eyelid.
These are not just good for eyeshadows in the drugstore. They are amazing compared to high-end eyeshadows as well.

I really hope they will come out with more shades…. like a white (for highlighting the inner corners) and a silvery gold (which I love to wear).


(Prices of single eyeshadows compared to other ones)

Coastal Scents hot pots 1.95 $ 1.3 $ per gram /39 $ per ounce
Morphe Brushes standard individual eyeshadow 2.29 $ 1.53 $ per gram/45.8 $ per ounce
Essence melted chrome eyeshadow ~ 3.42 $ ~ 1.71 $ per gram/ ~ 48.86 per ounce
Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows 10.00 $ 2.86 $ per gram/ 83.33 $ per ounce
Makeup Geek eyeshadows (matte/shimmer/duochrome) 6.00 $ 3.33 $ per gram/93.75 $ per ounce
Coloured Raine single eyeshadows (all formulas) 6.99 $ 3.88 $ per gram/ 109.22 $ per ounce
Makeup Geek – foiled eyeshadows 10.00 $ 5.56 $ per gram/ 156.25 $ per ounce
Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Eyeshadows 12.00 $ 7.06 $ per gram /200 $ per ounce
Natasha Denona blackest black eyeshadow 29.00 $ 7.25 $ per gram/ 207.14 $ per ounce
Kat von D Metal Crush eyeshadow 21.00 $ 7.42 $ per gram/ 210 $ per ounce
Natasha Denona – mono eyeshadows 25.00 $ – 29.00 $ ~ 10.00 $ per gram /312 $ per ounce


Essence melted chrome eyemakeup

Makeuplook using the Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadow in Ironic (other Products: Essence My Must Haves eyeshadows in mauvie-time!, brownie’licious, black is back, Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner Waterproof, Essence Metal Chrome Eyeliner in Steel My Heart, Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Black Fever, Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara Waterproof)






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